In our previous article we have established the sinfulness of masturbation. When one gets addicted to this act, it can be very difficult to stop because of the feeling of satisfaction that one feels in it. The brain regularly craves that that feeling be repeated as often as possible depending on how addicted one is to this. Yes, it is hard to achieve freedom from any sexual-related addiction, but what is necessary is serious commitment and consistency. It is not enough to try a couple of times and conclude “I am never going to be free” and give up. No mater how many times you falter, KEEP FIGHTING. It will take the habit of not masturbating to break the habit of masturbating. If you are able to constantly deny yourself of the pleasure, you will soon become totally free. Habits are an outcome of repeated actions. If you form the habit of saying “no”, you will win.

Here are a few tips we think might help you alongside prayer and a change of lifestyle:

Be busy, be engaged:

Find a way to channel your energy, look for things that will take your free time so you don’t have to be idle. Look for new hobbies, acquire a new skill, something creative you can do to take your time. The process called “Sublimation”; that of turning unnecessary or illicit sexual urges into something creative is what you might want to practice. Like monks and sages have done for centuries. Anything you like, anything creative. Music instruments, writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, anything at all that you can learn will help keep you busy and focused. You can also consider donating your free time to some cause. Volunteer somewhere, help others and contribute to society. This will also help you. There are many ways you can tire yourself out so that once you hit your bed you sleep off.

Remember that everyday you wake up in the morning, you need to pray, and you also need to remind yourself of the importance of actively engaging in the struggle of self control. You need to remind yourself why you need to take charge, encourage yourself, energize your will through prayer and self-motivation before going about your daily affairs.

Discover your trigger, a posture, a situation that usually reminds you to masturbate. If it is the shower, be sure to time yourself and leave quickly.

Do not spend so much time alone. Engage people, visit friends and family, invite them over as much as you can so you won’t be lonely and feel the urge to masturbate. If you do not live alone, then perfect, go home from school or work when others are around so you won’t have to stay home alone.

This goes without saying but delete every pornographic materials and everything that suggests sex or can stimulate you. You can install porn blockers on your computer, type a random password in a text file, verify password and delete the file so you won’t even remember the password yourself. This will also help you stay off porn.

Never forget that the goal will not be achieved quickly. Some times it might take years to be totally free from an addiction like this. So be patient and be persistent. The real struggle lies in those. Persistence in the conscious fight ultimately yields rewards in time.

Think Right:

Do not beat yourself up when you make the mistake, do not feel too down that you relapse and give up. Guilt must be admitted to the point where it motivates not the kind of guilt that makes us think we’re worthless and are unable to achieve anything. This is not what God wants from us.

When you make the mistake again, go to your confessor, talk to him and seek his help. I advise people to have one confessor especially for battling these kinds of addictions. It will help you feel a sense of duty to struggle and afford you the help, supposing you are able to find a good, experienced priest to help you.

You need the help of God to break free, so make sure to frequent confession and Holy Communion. In truth, the Sacraments have power to set us free from sin. You need to pray your Rosary daily, visit the Blessed Sacrament and use such devotions as will enable you think about God as often as you can.

Never admit failure. If you should relapse, do not think the whole day is ruined and then go ahead and masturbate the more. NO. Stand up, gather yourself together and push on.

PRAY A LOT, PRAY AND RECEIVE THE EUCHARIST. Our freedom come ultimately from God. Never forget this.

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    I need to change ma life , dear God help to stop these stituation , help me to be active in class and to help well patients, help me to gate money inorder to change ma life and family life

  • Peter says:

    One piece of advice I would like to leave people is that it is POSSIBLE. Do not allow the lie that society will teach you that masturbation is inevitable, deliberately watching porn is inevitable, so just go ahead and do it. These are bald-faced lies.

    I have not masturbated in 7 years. Before that, I had overcome it for 4 years. That means it’s been once in 11 years.

    And no, I don’t constantly think about sex. There is no weird diet, self-flagellation, or anything like that. I don’t do it and don’t feel an overwhelming urge either. Btw, I am also a consecrated lay-person, so there are no girlfriends around either.

    Devotion to Mary and reception of the Sacraments, plus growing up, were a large part what helped me to finally overcome masturbation. Overcoming masturbation has also helped in overcoming other sins. What I mean by growing up is that the part of the brain that helps control impulsive behavior is not fully-formed until around the 21rst birthday. That certainly helps to alleviate the issue.

    My prayers are with everyone who is struggling with these sins.

  • Kennedy says:

    Engaging in meaningful things/thoughts would definitely help to erase any thought of doing such….

  • Robert says:

    Thank you for this information because I have this problem every once in awhile and I DO WHAT YOU SUGGEST AND IT DOES HELP.

  • Max says:

    Wow, the article expressed exactly what I am facing through! It understands people’s struggle so well. I can see the Holy Spirit guiding on it!

  • micheal says:

    THERE is no life in masturbation, Oh GOD help ur children.

  • Bernard Boike says:


  • Martin says:

    I find it difficult to stop it I need more help.But I believe that the changer will turn it to a testimony for me

  • Benjamin Gomo says:

    Thanks for this advices. Very helpful.

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