The Church has power to forgive sins and this authority is exercised by the members of her clergy to whom the Church has given the permission to do so.

However there are some sins that the Church has reserved to the Pope and bishops to forgive. Some of them are as follows:

1. Physically attacking the Pope including attempting to assassinate him.

2. Breaking the “Seal of the Confessional” by a priest, i.e. violating the confidentiality of the confession by revealing the sins and identity of a penitent to anyone.

3. A priest absolving an accomplice in sin.

4. Participating in abortion which includes advising, paying for, or carrying out the act and after seeking admission into the order of priests or deacons in the Church. When someone who has committed this crime in the past wants to be ordained, they must first receive dispensation from the Pope.

5. Defiling the Eucharist, the Body and Blood of Christ is extremely grievous and can be dealt with only by the Pope.


However, the Pope and Bishops can give priests the power to forgive any of these sins. But priests do not ordinarily have power to forgive them.

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  • Denise Zarankin says:

    I think the Catholic church should start penalizing their own. In the small community I grew up in there was a handful of priests through the years who have abused innocent children. Instead of punishing these monsters, they were sent to other dioceses to have this happen again where they should of been sent to the police to be dealt with. My son was one of the victims. There is nothing more painful than to hear your son tell you after he became an adult that this happened to him. The mental anguish he suffered through his life because of this monster. The secrets my poor young boy had to live with thinking it was his fault that this priest hurt him so badly. You bunch of hypocrites need to realize one of the reasons your attendance is dwindling. There are probably a lot of children who have not broken the silence yet or who took their lives at a young age because it is such a taboo. God would not be happy with the sins of these guys. One of the commandments is thou shalt not lie or deceive. My civil divorce was less hurtful to others yet I could not go to communion. Violating young innocent children is far worse sin.

    • Iyke says:

      Affix and tag the sin of a priest to the priest in quote and not to the church ⛪ of God as such did not show respect to Him by this “You bunch of hypocrites need to realize one of the reasons your attendance is dwindling” The priests are not accountable to the lay faithful but to God,a day would come when He(God) would fish out the weeds from the corns. Though the graces would be there to live and forget such a bad trauma because your soul is more important to God and the punishment of his priest.

      • Silvia says:

        Thanks Iyke. Is quite unfortunate that most accusations level on an individual is entirely generalized to the brethren, I am sorry Denise about what happened, but bear in mind that no one is perfect. There are many reports of abuse in denominations too, and other religions, don’t let your bitterness and hate for the Catholic Church overwhelm you. The Catholic is still Holy and Will be, there are righteous and pious! Also the judas. Everywhere

    • Tony Zagorski says:

      Get your fact straight. The highest rate of Pedophila among the Clergy are Rabbi’s. Then come various Protestant denominations, then Muslims in the clergy and THEN Roman Catholic priest who have the LOWEST percentage of Pedophiles in the Clergy. Stop getting your education via the Zionist media. Do the research!

  • Sydney Chigemezu Egejuru says:

    There are lot of things happening in this world,even in the house of God which is not supposed to be.
    Caution him and pray for him and may the good lord continue to help and bless him…help him forget the past and focus on the future.
    God is not sleeping, he is watching everything that happens even in the most hiding part of life he sees,and he judges the living and the dead and also
    the rich and the poor,so madam just leave everything to God and do your best in helping your son focus on a new life…

  • Okafor Obianujunwa says:

    Priest are ordinally people like everyone else, they need our constant prayer

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