Priest Testifies to His Experience of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory After Death and His Return to His Body

A priest who saw heaven, hell, and purgatory on 4/14/85. The following is not a story coming out of the rumor mill. The priest whose testimony is given below is the pastor of a Catholic Church in Florida.

Background On Father Maniyangat

A priest who saw heaven, hell, and purgatory The death experience of Father Jose Maniyangat Francais-Espanol Fr. Jose Maniyangat is currently the pastor of St. Catherine of Sienna Catholic Church in Orange Park, Florida. Here is his personal testimony:

I was born on July 16, 1949 in Kerala, India to my parents, Joseph and Theresa Maniyangat. I am the eldest of seven children: Jose, Mary, Theresa, Lissama, Zachariah, Valsa and Tom.. At the age of fourteen, I entered St. Mary’s Minor Seminary in Thiruvalla to begin my studies for the priesthood. Four years later, I went to St. Joseph’s Pontifical Major Seminary in Alwaye, Kerala to continue my priestly formation. After completing the seven years of philosophy and theology, I was ordained a priest on January 1, 1975 to serve as a missionary in the Diocese of Thiruvalla. On Sunday April 14, 1985, the Feast of the Divine Mercy, I was going to celebrate Mass at a mission church in the north part of Kerala, and I had a fatal accident. I was riding a motorcycle when I was hit head-on by a jeep driven by a man who was intoxicated after a Hindu festival. I was rushed to a hospital about 35 miles away. On the way, my soul came out from my body and I experienced death. Immediately, I met my Guardian Angel. I saw my body and the people who were carrying me to the hospital. I heard them crying and praying for me. At this time my angel told me: “I am going to take you to Heaven, the Lord wants to meet you and talk with you.” He also said that, on the way, he wanted to show me hell and purgatory.

A Visit To Hell

First the angel escorted me to hell. It was an awful sight! I saw Satan and the devils, an unquenchable fire of about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, worms crawling, people screaming and fighting, others being tortured by demons. The angel told me that all these sufferings were due to unrepented mortal sins. Then, I understood that there are seven degrees of suffering or levels according to the number and kinds of mortal sins committed in their earthly lives. The souls looked very ugly, cruel and horrific. It was a fearful experience. I saw people whom I knew, but I am not allowed to reveal their identities. The sins that convicted them were mainly abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia, hatefulness, unforgiveness and sacrilege. The angel told me that if they had repented, they would have avoided hell and gone instead to purgatory. I also understood that some people who repent from these sins might be purified on earth through their sufferings. This way they can avoid purgatory and go straight to heaven. I was surprised when I saw in hell even priests and Bishops, some of whom I never expected to see. Many of them were there because they had misled the people with false teaching and bad example.

Next Stop Purgatory

After the visit to hell, my Guardian Angel escorted me to purgatory. Here too, there are seven degrees of suffering and unquenchable fire. But it is far less intense than hell and there was neither quarreling nor fighting. The main suffering of these souls is their separation from God. Some of those who are in purgatory committed numerous mortal sins, but they were reconciled with God before their death. Even though these souls are suffering, they enjoy peace and the knowledge that one day they will see God face to face. I had a chance to communicate with the souls in purgatory. They asked me to pray for them and to tell the people to pray for them as well, so they can go to heaven quickly. When we pray for these souls, we will receive their gratitude through their prayers, and once they enter heaven, their prayers become even more meritorious. It is difficult for me to describe how beautiful my Guardian Angel is. He is radiant and bright. He is my constant companion and helps me in all my ministries, especially my healing ministry. I experience his presence everywhere I go and I am grateful for his protection in my daily life.

Finally Heaven

Heaven Next, my angel escorted me to heaven passing through a big dazzling white tunnel. I never experienced this much peace and joy in my life. Then immediately heaven opened up and I heard the most delightful music, which I never heard before. The angels were singing and praising God. I saw all the saints, especially the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph, and many dedicated holy Bishops and priests who were shining like stars. And when I appeared before the Lord, Jesus told me: I want you to go back to the world. In your second life, you will be an instrument of peace and healing to My people. You will walk in a foreign land and you will speak in a foreign tongue. Everything is possible for you with My grace.. After these words, the Blessed Mother told me: Do whatever He tells you. I will help you in your ministries. Words can not express the beauty of heaven.. There we find so much peace and happiness, which exceed a million times our imagination. Our Lord is far more beautiful than any image can convey. His face is radiant and luminous and more beautiful than a thousand rising suns. The pictures we see in the world are only a shadow of His magnificence.. The Blessed Mother was next to Jesus; She was so beautiful and radiant. None of the images we see in this world can compare with Her real beauty. Heaven is our real home; we are all created to reach heaven and enjoy God forever. Then, I came back to the world with my angel.

Father’s Soul Returns To His Body

While my body was at the hospital, the doctor completed all examinations and I was pronounced dead. The cause of death was bleeding. My family was notified, and since they were far away, the hospital staff decided to move my dead body to the morgue. Because the hospital did not have air conditioners, they were concerned that the body would decompose quickly. As they were moving my dead body to the morgue, my soul came back to the body. I felt an excruciating pain because of so many wounds and broken bones. I began to scream, and then the people became frightened and ran away screaming. One of them approached the doctor and said: The dead body is screaming. The doctor came to examine the body and found that I was alive. So he said: Father is alive, it is a miracle! Take him back to the hospital. Now, back at the hospital, they gave me blood transfusions and I was taken to surgery to repair the broken bones. They worked on my lower jaw, ribs, pelvic bone, wrists, and right leg. After two months, I was released from the hospital, but my orthopedic doctor said that I would never walk again. I then said to him: The Lord who gave me my life back and sent me back to the world will heal me. Once at home, we were all praying for a miracle. Still after a month, and with the casts removed, I was not able to move. But one day while praying I felt an extraordinary pain in my pelvic area. After a short while the pain disappeared completely and I heard a voice saying: You are healed. Get up and walk. I felt the peace and healing power on my body. I immediately got up and walked. I praised and thanked God for the miracle. I reached my doctor with the news of my healing, and he was amazed. He said: Your God is the true God. I must follow your God. The doctor was Hindu, and he asked me to teach him about our Church. After studying the Faith, I baptized him and he became Catholic. Following the message from my Guardian Angel, I came to the United States on November 10, 1986 as a missionary priest. I am currently the parish priest at St. Catherine Of Sienna Parish in Orange Park, FL.

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By Fr. Jose Maniyangat

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  • Elipenda Mboya says:

    Thanks be to God and thank you Fr for the nice testmon I ask you to pray for me that one day I will rich my seating of becoming a priest of Christ. Thank you again and God be glorified now and forever

    • Elipenda Mboya says:

      Good To God be the glory through you the world will realize that God is alive and the miracle are always done

    • Charles Mc Eleney says:

      I pray when I feel. I feel my God the Father Our blessed lady , Joseph her husband, son Jesus and all the angels and saints in heaven, I have read your amazing vision and journey in the hospital. I’m a 58 year old homosexual man. I try to follow the blessings given to me. My heart and soul are clear to our lord Jesus Christ, I believe when my space is ready, God the Father will take me in his arms and welcome me to the kingdom of heaven. I know I will not stop at any fires or ill treatment, my god the father is loving and caring and one day he will hold me in his arms. I wish to lay at the feet of our blessed mother Mary. Wash her feet with my tears of joy. My god bless you Father. Amen.

    • Berita Mueni says:

      Thanks Father for such thrilling testimony.pray for me I get full transformation and serve our Lord more better than before.

  • precious says:

    Thank you Father for sharing this with us, I pray that one day the Blessed Virgin Mary will visit me too. I pray to God for grace to constantly be in a good relationship with him, pray for me Father for breakthrough in my family

  • IHUOMA says:


  • Vivian says:

    God is good we always praise God my life I will just leave it to the Lord

  • Leorito says:

    God is merciful, repentance and follow God’s rules and pray to be saved at the end you will go to heaven.

  • Julie says:

    Thank you God for this great testimony. Heaven is real, thank you God. I will worship you God as long as I live. Father help us to chose your way which leads to everlasting life with you. Reverend Father Jose, thank you for sharing this wonderful testimony. May God abide with you now and always.

  • Jeanette. Bellina says:

    You were gifted by dying, you were able to witness the unamagionable. Most people only dream of the day they can go face to face withJesus, Mary and Joseph, Angels and the Saints. I could only imagine the awesomeness of your experience. You came back to make the world a better place. I’m sorry for you, you left Paradise. Our God will take you home one day in a higher level for your return. I can only imagine.

  • Ed Jacala says:

    To God be the glory and praise His Holy name with Jesus and Mother Mary! Forever be your Holy name. We love you for all the graces

  • Belen says:

    Lord, please cleanse me. Thank you for all the sufferings as penitence for my sinfullnes.

  • Phindile Prudence Zikalala says:

    I believe to you almighty God please father help me to praise the Lord I’m suffering with toothache I’m also HIV positive I trust to God one day God he heal me in the name of Jesus .Hail Mary full of grace the is with me pray for me and my family. Jesus I trust in you amen

  • Jude Bassey says:

    God is truly amazing!

  • Amair aign says:

    Praised God! I claimed that this testimony of Rev.Fr. Jose,is one of the miracles of my life. Everything that I lift up to you oh God,specially during the eucharistic celebration,or my personal prayers,or during reciting the holy rosary..I claim that it’s already an answered prayer…
    Being a poor sinner…I pray that may the Lord continue to pour out His graces on me..for the conversion of my family & my family tree,&of the whole world,amen

  • Linda s. perez says:

    I believe in the almigthy god i love to met father jose, so that they will help us to praise the lord i have sins and. I’ m asking for forgiveness to lord jesus.. Amen.

  • Linda s, perez says:

    Yes jesus is really the almigthy god i believe in him.

  • Edgar says:

    Praise the Lord. I believe in God and Jesus Christ Almighty. We should not commit sins and be close to Jesus and have faith in him.

    • Uger Michael says:

      Thanks the Almighty God for the mystery, for giving you back your life and the wisdom and the knowledge to recollect all you saw and witnessed to reveal to us so that we may make amends . Glory to Jesus , honour to Mary .

  • Karen Rudolfi says:

    I am a living miracle I Thank God for that every night. I had to have a liver transplant due to Sarcoidosis in my liver . Unbelievably, my husband was a match. I never knew there was such a thing as a living donor for the liver. Without my husband’s selfless act, I would no be here. Praise to Lord Jesus Christ God Bless Father Jose and thanks for sharing

  • Michael says:

    Our God is an awesome God no body can be compare with him. O LORD, our Lord, How excellent [majestic, awesome] is Your name in all the earth, Who have set Your glory above the heavens! [Talk about greatness!] When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, The moon and the stars, which You have ordained, What is man that You are mindful of him, And the son of man that You visit him? O LORD, our Lord, How excellent [or great or majestic or awesome] is Your name in all the earth! (Psalm 8:3, 4, 9 NKJV)

  • Myrla Catacutan Danting says:

    Since my childhood, I believe in heaven, purgatory, and hell. So, I see to that I try my very best to do what pleases God and His will. Thank you, Fr. Jose for the testimony. I have a clipping of this. It’s good that it’s re-post so that others can read it.

  • Teresa Schoolmeester says:

    Praises to our Lord forevermore

  • Fredrick Onyeali says:

    It is clear through this testimony that with the flesh no one can see God. God caused a situation that forced his Soul out of his body in order to communicate with him. Again everything one is doing under the Sun God is seeing it and any condition you find yourself God is aware of it. One can only die when God want him to die no matter the cause of the death.
    Let us strive hard to be in Heaven. Don’t think God is not looking at you.

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