I was told it is bad to hang a Rosary on the rear-view mirror of my car, is this true? Does the Church have anything on this?


I personally do not think it is bad to hang a Rosary on your mirror just as it is not bad to have a Crucifix on your dashboard. If your purpose is right; if you are using these sacramentals out of reverence and as a statement of faith then it is actually encouraged. I do not see why any Catholic would want to hang these if not for this reason. Protection also could be a reason, but this is reasonable as long as one uses these sacramentals to get close to God and help their lives. So if these are your reasons, then it wouldn’t violate the requirement of canon law on the use of sacramentals with reverence:


Sacred objects, set aside for divine worship by dedication or blessing, are to be treated with reverence. They are not to be made over to secular or inappropriate use, even though they may belong to private persons (CIC 1171).

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  • Gio Maloto says:

    I always hang a rosary on my rearview mirror. It reminds me 1) that God is with me when I’m travelling, 2) always pray the rosary 3) Expression of my Catholic faith.

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